How to Install a Bidet Attachment - It's Easy and Affordable


Most likely if you are reading this post you are already familiar with the advantages of using a bidet but in case you are new to the world of bidets, I want to quickly cover the benefits of bidets.

Bidets use less water & reduce the use of toilet paper. According to the website, producing one roll of toilet paper requires 1.5 pounds of wood, 37 gallons of water, and 1.3 kWh of electricity. By eliminating toilet paper, a bidet attachment pays for itself in very short order.

Bidets are more hygienic than toilet paper. It has been found that the use of a bidet decreases the level of microbes (bacterium causing disease) in your urine stream which is the direct result of a superior cleaning process. Using good ole water to clean up afterward is more hygienic than smearing it with paper. 

Bidets limit the spread of germs. Using a bidet helps mitigate you from getting fecal matter on your hands and from spreading it onto other parts of your body or onto common surfaces.

They can lower your risk of hemorrhoids. Uh yep, bidets medium to low water pressure can help reduce the strain on your anus, which can reduce your risk of hemorrhoids. With that said, a bidet is not a medical cure for hemorrhoids and if you suspect you have hemorrhoids, please consult your physician.

Bidets make it easier for people with handicaps to use the toilet. Not too long ago I hurt my right hand which I normally use when using the toilet. If I didn’t have a bidet, it would have been nearly impossible to use toilet paper properly to finish the job. Bidets make it much easier for individuals with injuries or disabilities to use the bathroom.

Simple, Affordable & Easy

There are several different types of bidets, bidet seats, and bidet attachments which you can learn more about in my post Five Types of Bites: Which is Best for You?  However, the most affordable and easy to install is a bidet attachment. A bidet attachment is positioned between the existing toilet seat and the toilet. It contains spray nozzles, a braided metal water hose, T-valve, and user controls. It's the simplest way to upgrade your bathroom.

Do You Need a Plumber?

Performing any fixture installation in a bathroom can seem scary especially if you have little or no experience with plumbing. Fortunately installing a bidet attachment is easy and requires no special tools or skills. The only tool you will need is a flathead screwdriver to remove the existing toilet seat, but all other connections will be done by hand. Attachments can be installed on virtually any toilet and require no electrical connections.

My Experience

The steps I outline in this post are taken from my experience of installing my BioBidet SlimEdge. Bidet attachments are typically very similar to install with possibly with a little variation. This makes sense since bidet manufacturers want to make their attachments as universal as possible to fit the variety of different toilet designs.

Please note that I like the BioBidet SlimEdge because it's extremely affordable, its one I have installed and as the name implies has a slim profile that doesn't change the height of your toilet's existing seat.

Although this post is meant to be as general as possible there may be slight variations depending on which model you buy so be sure and first consult the installation manual that comes with your attachment.

What Features to Look for in a Bidet Attachment

It’s good to recognize that although most bidet attachments are similar when it comes to installation that they are not the same when it comes to quality. So whatever attachment you decide on there are some features you’ll want to consider.


  • The body is made of full body high-quality ABS material.  ABS has high tensile strength and is resistant to physical impacts and chemical corrosion, which allows the finished product to withstand heavy use. environmental conditions. 
  • All metal inlet and installation parts
  • Dual Nozzle
  • Ambient temperature bidet wash
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Brass valves
  • High quality metal T-Valve
  • Durable braided metal water hose
  •  Adjustable fit
  • At least a one-year warranty 

Before Getting Started

It's important to note that the T-valve to be installed needs to be installed at the fill valve underneath the toilet sink and not at the cold-water supply coming from the wall.

Also, be sure to check the water supply line that connects the toilet tank fill valve to the toilet shut-off valve at the wall. if the pipe is rigid you will need to replace it with a flexible water supply hose to replace the rigid before you install your attachment.

1. Remove Your Existing Toilet Seat

Different manufacturers may differ slightly in how a seat is attached to a toilet but are usually very similar.

Step 1b

a.  You will need to remove the mounting bolts either with a flat head screwdriver from the topside or loosen the bolts from underneath the seat.

b.  Set the seat aside for reinstallation later.

 2. Turn Off Water Supply Valve and Flush Toilet

Step 2C

Step 2c

a.  Turn off the water supply at the wall.

b.  Flush the toilet and completely empty the toilet tank.

c.  Disconnect the water supply hose from the fill valve under the toilet tank.

3.  Connect T-Valve to Water Supply Line and to Fill Valve Under the Toilet Tank

Step 3a

Step 3b

a.  Install T-Valve with a rubber washer to the incoming water connection on the bottom of the tank. IMPORTANT – To prevent leaks be sure the washer is properly seated with the tapered side up.

b.  Connect the cold-water supply line coming from the wall to the bottom of the T-Valve.

4. Connect the Bidet Hose to the T-Valve

a.       Connect one side of the braided metal hose to the remaining open side of the installed T-Valve.

5. Install Adjustable Mounting Brackets into the Bidet Attachment

Steps 5a & b

a.  Place the circular adjustable mounting bracket into the body of the bidet attachment.

b. Repeat to install the other mounting bracket.

6. Install Bidet Attachment onto Toilet

Step 6a

a.  Place bidet attachment onto the toilet so the nozzle is as close to the back of the toilet bowl as possible. This will vary depending on the model and manufacturer of your toilet.

b.  Make sure the adjustable brackets line up with the holes in the toilet fixture. You may need to rotate the adjustable brackets accordingly to line up properly.

Step 6c

c.  Reinstall your toilet seat on top of the bidet attachment and secure it using the original mounting bolts. Make sure to tighten the assembly so the attachment and seat don’t move.

Step 6d

d.  Ensure the control knob is in the off position and isn’t turned to one of the operating positions to prevent water from accidentally spraying out of the toilet bowl.

7. Connect the Bidet Hose to the Bidet Attachment

Step 7a

a.  Connect the open end of the bidet hose to the connection underneath the bidet attachment.

8. Turn on the Water Supply and Check for Leaks

a.  Open the main water supply valve slowly and check for leaks.

b.  Wait 10 minutes and recheck to see there are any leaks.

c.  If there are any leaks check all rubber washers and make sure all water connections are tight and secure. If necessary, you can use Teflon Tape (Plumbers Tape) for any leaky connections.

Maintenance of Your Bidet Attachment

Avoid using abrasive cleaning solutions on your attachment that can crack your attachment. Clean your attachment surface areas with mild soapy water.

Short Term Non-Use

If you will not be using the bidet attachment for more than a few weeks you should consider shutting off the water supply at the wall for extra precaution.

Common Bathroom fixture

As you can see that installing a bidet attachment is easy and comes with a multitude of benefits. Stop flushing money & and toilet paper down your toilet and let's make bidets common bathroom fixtures.

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