Green Warrior Challenge


Who are Green Warriors?

They people who create more than they consume.

They are students of life who love the Earth and who are motivated to make the world a better place to live.

They are people who not only believe they can change the world but KNOW they can!

They are doers, makers, and creators that love to experiment with innovative ideas,  but are advocates of the tried and true as well. They are driven by passion and creativity!

They are the tribes of makers, builders and creators that are seizing on the opportunities presented by the need for integrated sustainable solutions in all aspects of our life's.

They are about blending sustainable living and living well so they are one-in-the-same.

They lead by example and live in a world of possibilities…

They make better decisions about what and where they spend their time, money, and resources so they inspire others to make better choices as well.

They understand that to make real change they need to Connect broadly, Share deeply and boldly take Action.


People either gravitate to the concept of a warrior, whatever that may be for them and other people are repulsed by the term because it's a term associated with war.

The truth is, WE ARE AT WAR.  At war for the future of our planet.

It is no secret that there are incredibly powerful, and well-funded entities that will crush those who support earth-friendly practices and stand in their way of making a profit.

And they won't concede without a fight!

We MUST stand our ground and fight or are they are going to destroy our planet for profit.

It is ESSENTIAL that we live by a set of PRINCIPLES that separates us from those who are doing planetary harm and that inspires others to join us in our FIGHT!

I challenge you to take the GREEN WARRIOR CHALLENGE to publicly declare that you fight for the health of our planet and the future of humankind.