Help My Electric Bill is Too High - Programs to Assist

Rising Energy Costs Got You Feeling a Little Stressed?

You are not alone, households across the nation feeling the effect of soaring utility bills. Specifically, it is particularly hard on people living on a fixed or limited budget.

It is unthinkable that anyone should suffer because they lack access to the essential energy needed for heating, cooking, and warm water. Dignity.

I have assembled a list of resources for you to explore that will help you fight the rising cost of energy.

The list includes consumers' energy assistance, state emergency relief, highly efficient products, and a bunch of other options for you to check out.

The resources included here are not just for low-income customers or those in need of financial assistance but also for those just trying to make ends meet.

Whether its paying high winter heating bills or you want to develop a plan to lower your overall energy consumption, you'll find it here.

There Are Options

Fortunately, options exist to help those in need lower their energy bills. That help comes in the form of a growing number of programs and incentives to alleviate the high cost of energy.

You can help yourself and others by celebrating ENERGY STAR Day which usually happens in October but can be celebrated year-round.

“ENERGY STAR certified products help you save today with rebates and other deals, save tomorrow with energy savings, and save for good - for a healthier planet for you and your family.

In fact, products that have earned the ENERGY STAR can save you about $450 on your annual energy bills while avoiding more than 4,100 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Utilizing ENERGY STAR Partners program you can choose from a number of offers that fit your needs and you can also use their Products Finder to help you locate a specific product you are looking for.

Taking advantage of these options will help you spend less on energy efficiency improvements and will reduce your energy bill, save money, and help the planet.

Assistance for Low-Income - LIHEAP

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) - Through federally funded initiatives this program helps families reduce their cost of energy, energy crises, weatherization, and minor energy-related home repairs. Eligibility is based on household size and income.

As an example, a household of four earning $39,000 qualifies for assistance to upgrade an aged and inefficient HAVC system.

LIHEAP helps people live securely knowing they can confidently heat and cool their homes year-round reducing the risk of health and safety complications that occur from insufficiently conditioned living spaces. Self-Respect.

Local Assistance

Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

This is an excellent resource with over 20 links for locating local help. The site has links to resources that include State Specific Renewable Energy Tools/Resources, EERE Programs & Initiatives, Technical assistance/Tools, and Using efficient and Renewable Energy Technologies.

Renewable energy is defined as electricity created by fuel sources that regenerate in a brief interval of time and do not diminish.

Renewables are preferable to traditional sources specifically because they have considerable capacity to lower emissions.

Renewable energy installations can vary widely depending on the priorities of a particular region and state.

This is a big resource so give yourself a little time to thoroughly poke around to find the help you may need.

ENERGY STAR-Certified Smart Thermostats

Typically, most local programs contain a home energy audit that includes the installation of an energy-saving ENERGY STAR-certified smart thermostat.

Eligibility is based on household size and income so depending on where you live, it is likely this is an option for you.

Tax Incentives and Rebates

Discover everything needed to select ENERGY STAR-Certified Products which includes tax incentives and rebates to use with retailers in your area.

Affordable products include water source heat pumps, clean heating/cooling, and household appliances. As an example, an ENERGY STAR-certified heat pump is eligible for a $300 federal income tax credit.

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

Every state in the union offers a Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) available for homes that meet the requirements.

WAP includes a home energy audit and assistance regarding weatherization upgrades, such as attic insulation, and fixing/replacing water heaters.

Ultra-Efficient Upgrades

If you are planning on upgrading the components of your home's HVAC system, look for options with the highest efficiency possible. 

As an example, heat pumps are more efficient than furnaces and do double-duty thus replacing the need for both pieces of equipment.

An energy-efficient water source heat pump combined with other energy-efficiency improvements from ENERGY STAR’s Home Upgrade will help you realize considerable energy and cost savings all while transitioning from fossil fuels to a better, healthier, more comfortable environment.

Save Money and Feel Better

The typical north American household's estimated annual bill for energy is almost $1,900.

Just using ENERGY STAR appliances, can save you approximately 24% or $450 in home energy costs while helping to prevent climate change.

These savings are in addition to assistance programs, rebates and tax incentives that help keep every home comfortable while staying on budget.

It takes a little thought, research, and planning but you can lower your energy bills and find that peace of mind you are looking for.

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