Bidet 101: The Gift That Keeps Giving

You love the bidet more than me.

~ Kerry Jackson

Spray What?

(BPT) - Looking for an original gift for that extra special person this holiday season or maybe yourself? This year go for something that can elevate personal care routines. Bidets can offer the perfect gift for every person on your list. They come as seats as well as standalone appliances, and they come with a variety of features so you can find the perfect match for each person on your list.

When it comes to selecting a personal care item like a bidet seat, you should be choosy. Maybe you like the idea of using water for better cleanliness or using an appliance that lets you be gentler on the environment or want to bring a luxurious element to a bathroom retreat.

To inspire you, here are some examples.

The wellness enthusiast: 

For the one who is committed to be their best, a bidet seat is a thoughtful way to get them exactly what they are looking for. Choose a model with adjustable water temperature. Right away, they will love how much cleaner, fresher and confident they feel.

The Technology Buff: 

Shopping for the tech enthusiast on your list can be intimidating. But the secret to choosing the right gift is understanding that the best technology serves and anticipates the needs of the human that uses it. The WASHLET S550e  is packed with such features, such as a sensor-activated lid, warm-water spray with massage features, adjustable warm-air drying and auto-flush technology. The wand even cleans itself.

The Home Executive: 

What is one of the perks of working from home? Unlike the office, one gains the ability to be in total control of the environment. Given the number of waking hours devoted to work, no detail should be overlooked. A bidet toilet can be just the upgrade your hard-working professional never knew they wanted. With this much access to personal comfort, don’t be surprised if they end up negotiating to make work-from-home permanent!

The Influencer: 

For the one who lives for being a connoisseur, here is a gift that will crank the luxury vibes in their bathroom all the way up to 11. There is a huge selection of bidets that offer the epitome of intelligent, personal care. They have human-centered features that elevate personal care, creating an incomparable luxury bathroom experience.

The Eco-Minded:

 For the one who strives to lessen their impact on the Earth’s resources, a bidet seat can be the resource-saving appliance they never thought of. Because they will need so much less toilet tissue, they’ll reduce paper waste, while also preserving an astonishing amount of water.

One estimate published in Scientific America says to produce just a single roll of toilet paper, it takes a whopping 37 gallons of water. If you’re looking for the ultimate green gift, they’ll love how their bidet makes a big difference.

To produce just one single roll of toilet paper, it takes a whopping 37 gallons of water

What to Look For

With the variety of brands, price points and features, it is important to understand that bidet seats vary just as greatly in quality and craftsmanship. Before you buy, do your research, because there are plenty of imitators that masquerade as affordable luxury, but they may not provide the experience you are looking for.

Some are devoid of necessary comfort features people have come to expect of modern bidet seats, like warm water and heated seats. Others take shortcuts by using cheap materials and components, which can lead to early failure of your device.

It can be helpful to look at the evolution of the bidet. If we back in recent history, it was little more than a standalone appliance common to Europe that washed you with a jet of cold water. But it was the innovation and inventiveness of a Japanese company, TOTO, that propelled the device into new realms of the ultimate personal care experience. Their flagship bidet sets new standards for what a bidet seat could be.

In Your Search for a Bidet, Use This Guide to Help You.

Designed with Comfort in Mind

The core function of the bidet seat is to help you get clean. But that’s no reason to skimp on comfort. A high-quality unit provides a constant stream of heated water, calibrated to your preference. Low-entry brands may heat a small amount of water in a reservoir (which inevitably runs out before you need it to) or sticks with the classic icy cold-water spray.

Ease in Cleaning

When it comes to design, technology shouldn’t be a cheap novelty. It should make life better. How does the brand support this? Look for a bidet seat that makes cleanup easier.

As an example,  EWATER by TOTO makes the wand and bowl virtually self-cleaning, eliminating the need to spend your free time scrubbing and using harsh chemicals.

Self-Care Elevated

As you shop, take a deep dive into the features, and how these will give you daily access to a luxury experience. Adjustable and oscillating wands, heated seats, and warm air to dry will bring new meaning to spa elegance in your master bath. Remember, there are hundreds of hidden innovations behind even the most basic features of a high-quality bidet seat, so choose a brand known for its technological ingenuity.

Ecological Benefits

Some turn to bidet seats because they care about doing their part to conserve the Earth’s resources. Look for a brand with a devotion to using innovation to conserve.  Like AIR-IN WONDER WAVE, a unique technology that injects air into water droplets, enlarging them by 30%, allowing you to get clean with less water.

Commitment to Top Quality

Given that your bidet will become an essential bathroom appliance, high performance, quality, and after-sales service are a must. Examining the bidet seat brand, and its history, can reveal much about what they care about and what they stand for. Good brands understand the power of backing up their claims of best-in-class product, so look for a warranty and customer support available by both phone and digital means.

A Spray to Remember

Now that you have that person in mind that would love a bidet and know what to look for you can pursue a variety of bidets options here.

Whether you buy one for yourself or as a gift, bidets are a great way to reduce waste, save water and increase cleanliness. If you buy a bidet as a gift for a loved one just think how nice it will be that every time they do their business, they will think of you!  Happy flushing!