Why Fair Trade is Important: Equity, Quality & Sustainability

"I pity the man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth will starve in the process."
~Benjamin Harrison

What is Fair Trade?

fair trade/ferˈtreɪd/noun

Trade between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries in which fair prices are paid to the producers.”

Fair trade is a way to ensure the workers who produce the goods we buy are treated fairly. Fair trade products have been created to ensure that quality of life and work conditions for those producing them meet certain standards.

The Benefits of Fair Trade

The main goals of fair trade are to provide, as much as possible, decent working conditions, living wages and environmental sustainability. This is important because people should not be forced into poor living situations just so companies can make more money from their products.

Fair Benefits Everyone!

  • Fair trade is a way for farmers in developing countries to earn more money by getting better prices for their crops and provides them the opportunities to invest in their communities.
  • Fair trade is a way for farmers in developing countries to earn more money by getting better prices for their crops and provides them the opportunities to invest in their communities.
  • It improves the quality of life for small producers and their families, which leads to less poverty.
  • Helps create sustainable networks for small-scale producers to connect and trade fairly with consumers who want to buy their products.
  • Fair trade supports workers’ rights like collective bargaining and fair working conditions.
  • The wage rate is set by an independent body, the conventions of International Labor Organization that recommendations and has explicit requirements that wages should increase over time to reach a living wage.
  • All Fair trade products get inspected by independent auditors who ensure that they meet Fair trade standards.
  • Consumers can feel good about buying products with the Fair trade label on them because they know that they are supporting workers' rights and environmental sustainability.
  • We all have the power to make change happen - one purchase or decision at a time!
  • It's essential for everyone to consider purchasing fair-trade items when they go shopping .

  • Where to buy Fair trade products

    Here are three great sources for you to shop and learn more about Fairtrade:

    This site is easy to use and has a ton of stores to shop from Amazon to Kroger to Whole Foods and many more. A product with the Fair Trade Certified™ ensures farmers and workers follow rigorous social, environmental, economic standards so that they get paid fairly for their work! The site makes it easy on users by providing guides about which products have been certified as well as an online search engine where products can be easily found.

    This is another easy-to-use site where you can search for Fair Trade America products by store, brand, or item.

    On this site you can take a much deeper dive into the world of Fair Trade International. Their menu offers selections such as Key Issues, Standards, News, Get Involved and More.

    Why It's Important to Buy These Products

    Now you know the difference between Fair trade and non-Fair trade? You have choices so you don’t have to feel guilty about people being exploited to grow your coffee or assemble your footwear.

    Fair trade may not provide all the products you need to live your life in an environmentally friendly way, but it does offer excellent alternatives to many of the purchases you make.

    Fair trade bamboo toothbrushes, shoes, coffee, and organic bedding just to name a few of the many offerings. So, if you're looking for some eco-friendly alternatives to everyday purchases, check out Fair trade.

    Fair trade ensures equity, sustainability, and quality for everyone involved. By purchasing fair trade products, you are doing your part to help create a world without poverty!

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