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Environmental Hypocrisy: Are We Doomed?

Hypocrisy 101

In a local paper, the Willamette Week, I first came across the idea of environmental hypocrisy back in 2019 in one of their columns by Mr. Know.

The article is short but puts forth some observations that require thoughtful consideration and meaningful action
In the article, a reader asks Mr. Know:
“The Port of Portland is expanding PDX’s flight capacity with nary a whisper about the pollution those extra flights will generate. Shouldn’t we worry less about bike lanes and more about willy-nilly jetting around the globe?”

Mr. Know responds by saying that the reader has indeed identified why we are “all doomed.”

Environmental hypocrisy: “People will follow their environmental conscience unless it requires giving up something they really want.” ~Mr. Know

Suppose I offer you a round trip two-week vacation to a faraway exotic location, and you know that the plane trip will dump excessive emissions into the environment thus affecting climate change. Would you turn down my offer? It’s highly probable you…

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19 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune, While Also Saving Our Planet.

A friend told me he thought my 70°F home heating setpoint was “way too high, and that all of us should be more like the rest of the world and turn our thermostats down”, in order to be more responsible to our pocketbooks. Claiming his home was more eco friendly than mine.

I shared with him we drop the temperature down to 62°F at night during the winter on a programmable schedule, but he would cut me no lack on my 70°F daytime setpoint.

Let alone that our homes are empty much of the time between work/school schedules so even room temperatures like 68°F are too high most of the time.

Yes, your electric bill and gas utility bill will be much lower when you lower your winter setpoint.

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Upcycle Old Clothing: 10 Inspiring Ideas

What is Upcycled Clothing?

To upcycle old clothes is the creative transformation of a used piece of clothing into something new that has value again. Fast fashion brand manufactures and sells clothing quickly and cheaply. The industry negatively affects the environment and often violates workers’ rights.

Refusing to contribute to the fashion industry can lower your carbon footprint substantially. Instead, learn how to upgrade clothing to prolong their lifecycle so they don’t need replacing. Transform old clothing into new beautiful bespoke pieces you’ll be proud to wear and the planet will thank you.

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