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Environmental Hypocrisy: Are We Doomed?

Hypocrisy 101

In a local paper, the Willamette Week, I first came across the idea of environmental hypocrisy back in 2019 in one of their columns by Mr. Know.

The article is short but puts forth some observations that require thoughtful consideration and meaningful action
In the article, a reader asks Mr. Know:
“The Port of Portland is expanding PDX’s flight capacity with nary a whisper about the pollution those extra flights will generate. Shouldn’t we worry less about bike lanes and more about willy-nilly jetting around the globe?”

Mr. Know responds by saying that the reader has indeed identified why we are “all doomed.”

Environmental hypocrisy: “People will follow their environmental conscience unless it requires giving up something they really want.” ~Mr. Know

Suppose I offer you a round trip two-week vacation to a faraway exotic location, and you know that the plane trip will dump excessive emissions into the environment thus affecting climate change. Would you turn down my offer? It’s highly probable you…

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Eco-Travel: 10 Ways to Travel More Sustainably

What is Eco-Travel?

Eco-travel is a way for those who have an adventurous spirit but want to care for the environment pursuing their dream. It’s about getting up close with nature while also respecting it at the same time. Protecting your surroundings is as essential as protecting yourself!

Eco-travelers will often visit destinations that are already overrun by tourists, who can sometimes cause environments to be destroyed completely in their wake.
Eco travel preserves natural resources and where travelers get help from locals on how best they should behave when exploring sensitive habitats or wildlife reserves around them – all of this done responsibly so our future generations might enjoy these places just the same we do today

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