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19 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune, While Also Saving Our Planet.

A friend told me he thought my 70°F home heating setpoint was “way too high, and that all of us should be more like the rest of the world and turn our thermostats down”, in order to be more responsible to our pocketbooks. Claiming his home was more eco friendly than mine.

I shared with him we drop the temperature down to 62°F at night during the winter on a programmable schedule, but he would cut me no lack on my 70°F daytime setpoint.

Let alone that our homes are empty much of the time between work/school schedules so even room temperatures like 68°F are too high most of the time.

Yes, your electric bill and gas utility bill will be much lower when you lower your winter setpoint.

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The 4 Best Sustainable Plastic Free Toothpastes

Most major brands of toothpaste contain various forms of harmful micro-plastics, but there are great natural alternatives you’ll love.

My wife told me she heard that recent studies indicate ‘micro-plastics’ have been found in our bodies. In our blood, in our livers, our muscles, and in our brains. She was listening to the radio while driving between appointments when she heard this and was astounded.

These studies were conducted by leading national and international medical organizations. After I did some follow-up research on her comment, I was blown away.

I have heard micro-plastics have been found in rivers, in the oceans as well as in sand on our beaches, which is all terrible. But micro-plastics in our bodies?

But where did all this micro-plastic come from and how did it get in our bodies?

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Living Soils – How They Can Save Us

“The history of every Nation is eventually written in the way in which it cares for its soil.”
~Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Save The Soil, Save the Planet and Be Healthier, Win, Win, Win.

Several months ago, a friend told me he ‘knew how to solve the Climate Change Crisis.’ He shared that he had heard from a trusted source that all we need to do is turn all the deserts in the world, such as the Sahara in northern Africa, into cattle grazing grasslands.

These new grasslands would then absorb all of the excess CO2 emitted…

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Go the Bidet Way to Save the Planet

Save Your Bum, It’s Easy.

From clean electric to non-electric bidet’ toilet seats’ and onto portable bidets, you have many models and options to choose from—all created to meet consumers’ widely varied needs. So, which one is best for you? With so many easy-to-use convenience features on some models along with the much simpler non-electric bidets you can try, use long term or take it with you on your travels, the right decision can be a tough one. But based on my experience, once you try ‘the bidet way,’ it will become your preferred way.

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My Journey to save Mother Earth Through Meatless Veganism

Does going Vegan help save the environment?

I want to share my vegan aka meatless journey from a quite typical meat filled diet for all three meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day to a diet that is more sustainable.

This one action can have a greater positive impact on the planet than just about anything you can do. Except perhaps my choice to go child-free, which is indeed a greater footprint reduction you can contribute to benefit of your fellow man.

Avoiding adding one or more mouths to feed, clothe and consume over a lifetime, is also not a bad decision to make, if you’d like to ‘do your bit’ to save good old mother earth.

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